Want a Lag Free 24/7 and a multi-version supported server to play on? You on the right server! Play stunning Factions and competitive practice, use abilitys to PVP and get leader boards!
To ensure you a fun and excellent experience, we have a hard tested, bullet proof Anti-cheat so you dont have to deal with hackers! We have a well trained Staff team and support!

Factions, HideAndSeek, Kitbattle and more soon!

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Web Design

I also do web design! This is a new project for me and it can help me earn some income, even though I am young. This can help me develop my MineCraft server and helps me keep videos coming out. Click Here to visit the website!


I am a person who loves everything to do with technology. I like developing websites using my coding skills and creating content for Youtube! I also like lighting and sound for stage shows, as it is a very interesting topic.



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